Manual Welding Equipment

Manual MIG Welding

MIG/MAG welding machines are multi-process solutions.  EWM is THE solution to your welding challenges. They offer MIG/MAG, FCAW, TIG and MMA capabilities for high nickel alloys, non-alloyed and low-alloy steels, CrNi steels and non-ferrous metals. Their machines are capable of pulsed and non-pulsed waveforms and modified short arc process and with amperage ranges from 180 amps through 1000 amps and options for single or dual wire and gas or water-cooled systems, EWM offers the right solution for your application. 

EWM offers the right MIG welding solution for your applications. From the highly portable Picomig line to the industry and technology leading Titan line, we can address your welding application and offer some of the most extended warranties in the industry. 

Manual TIG Welding

TIG welding machines from EWM offer flexibility and adaptability that is unmatched in any other line of welding equipment on the market. With systems offering amperage ranges from 150 amps to 1000 amps, EWM has a system that can address your welding challenge.  

When you pair the EWM TIG welding solution with the option of hot or cold wire feeding systems, you can dramatically improve your TIG welding efficiency. By doing this, the partnership rivals the productivity found traditionally in MIG welding, while maintaining the quality and cleanliness found in TIG welding. 

EWM offers gas-cooled and water-cooled systems that can utilize lift-arc or HF start. Options like wheeled carts with gas bottle cradles and foot pedals allow you to customize your solution to meet your needs. 

EWM brings AC welding to the table in both the Pico and Tetrix lines, which gives you the ability to add Aluminum welding to your capabilities while maintaining the ability to add wire feed options. 

Plasma Welding

Plasma welding is one of the newest welding procedures. It is a method of tungsten gas shielded arc welding. 

It involves a concentrated electric arc with a high energy density. The electric arc is created by a water-cooled copper nozzle through which the electric arc passes. It has an almost cylindrical shape and diverges by just a few degrees. This results in a high energy density. The electric arc burns on the needle-like tungsten electrode in the plasma nozzle. It is cleaned using plasma gas.
Indeed, the gas emitted through the small borehole cannot provide long-range protection during welding. Shielding gas is therefore supplied through a second nozzle. 

The plasma welding procedure offers ignition reliability and directionally stable electric arcs with low heat input.  It is ideal for thin components and helps create welds with little or minimal distortion. 

Hotwire TIG

The EWM tigSpeed is another example of bringing innovation to a long-time industry used process. This wire fed TIG system allows you to harness the speed and deposition of Hot Wire TIG and makes it useful in a manual welding environment. This process is used in virtually any position and can be used on any TIG able alloy.

Combining the wire fed Hot Wire technology and the oscillation of the wire, we can TIG weld with
deposition rates similar to a MIG process. ISI can provide this technology in both manual applications, as well as automated solutions. Using off the shelf consumables puts you in control of your welding costs, while at the same time increasing depositions rates and maintaining a TIG quality weld.

Degaussing Machines

Managing magnetism during the welding process is critical to the successful welding of components that must meet stringent code requirements.  Whether the application is ASME, API, or some other code spec, verifiable and repeatable degaussing is a solution that will be a difference-maker for your welding application. 

ISI offers rental and purchase of this solution from EWM and can help with installation and training and ongoing service and support.  ISI can structure a lease to own or a financed purchase with terms that are flexible.  Contact us with your application and we will listen first, ask questions, and collaborate with you to find the right solution for you. 

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