ISI provides solutions to complex challenges by merging technologies and expertise to decrease inefficiency and outdated processes

Equipment Sales

ISI brings the latest technology to the market to help you accomplish your goals.

Full Service Repair

ISI services everything we sell. You only have one number to call for sales, service, and repairs.

Onsite Training

Your shop, or ours, we offer technical training and support on the equipment we carry.

Rental & Leasing

We lease just about everything we sell. Not sure if you’re ready to buy, let the machine prove it’s worth.

it can be daunting introducing new technology. Bad experiences can leave you apprehensive to try something new.

We come in, we listen to the problems you are facing, and then come up with collaborative solutions to match your goals and budget. With ISI, we will be with you every step of the way.


For over 20 years, ISI has provided industrial fabrication solutions.
We are the company you can rely on, for equipment, servicing, repair, and training.


You Bring Us Your Challenges

Whether it is a need to increase production or address quality concerns, a complex pipe cutting or beveling application, or increased welding productivity we can handle your challenges.

We Create The Solution

We create collaborative and innovative solutions by merging various technologies. This helps fabricators and contractors to “find the dollars” lost to inefficiency and outdated processes. 

You Increase Productivity

Using the solutions ISI provides, moderately skilled craftspeople can produce at a higher rate in both quantity and quality. This is a force multiplier for shops with limited space or difficulty in finding labor.

Get solutions you can trust.