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Pico 350

  • MMA inverter welding machine with degaussing function, pole reversing switch
  • MMA and pulsed TIG welding
  • Perfect MMA vertical-up welding through PF pulse function
  • MMA and TIG lift arc welding
  • Degaussing of pipes and metal sheets through an automatic process before the welding (max. 350 A
  • The degaussing function ensures a stable welding process without magnetic deflection
  • GMAW welding with Pico drive 4L or Pico drive 200C wire feeder
  • CC/CV characteristic
  • Suitable for flux-cored wire welding
  • Cellulose electrodes: 100% safe for vertical-down welding
  • Welding polarity can be reversed by pressing a button (polarity reversing switch)
  • Arc force and hot start can be set
  • Portable, shoulder strap

Drawing2Weld Event

Join us for our annual Drawing2Weld event on June 10-14! Receive private in-person 1:1 demonstrations of our automated welding technology. This registration-only event allows you to see machines with applications in...
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