About Us

We exist to be a kingdom-focused organization that is a source of solutions for the challenges our clients face in their custom welding, cutting, and fabrication applications.

Founded in 2002, Industrial Solutions & Innovation, LLC (ISI) is a solution provider focused on delivering answers to the complex questions and challenges faced by piping and vessel fabricators and contractors. The goal was to be a place where innovative, hard-working, and loyal team members would want to work with the goal of helping innovative, hard-working, and (eventually) loyal clients solve problems. The objective of creating this company with a focus on operating from a Biblical world view has been the goal. To make the core values of work is a calling, stewardship, family, and ingenuity real and visible was and is the goal.

ISI strives to bring solutions merging various technologies helping fabricators and contractors “find the dollars” lost to inefficiency and outdated processes. Using the solutions ISI provides, moderately skilled craftspeople can produce at a higher rate in both quantity and quality. This is a force multiplier for shops with limited space or difficulty in finding labor.

The goal at ISI is to create a unique experience for the client. To be a one-stop solution source that not only sold great products but could also bring together multiple disciplines to create a tailored solution that would fit the culture of a client and not just the technical specs. In short, if ISI sells a product, we also make the commitment to install, service, support, and train on the effective use of the solutions we provide.

ISI strives to be a forward-thinking solution provider that collaborates with clients and brings solutions that both fit the specifications as well as the culture of the client.

Our Core Principles


We steward our resources. We have a firm footing and a plan for the future.

Work is a Calling

We get to work here. It's more than a job, it is a privilege and a calling.


We take care of our family. That means our employees, vendors, and clients.


We will be a source of solutions to our clients, not just a seller of machines.

Get solutions you can trust.