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Test cutting-edge welding technology before you commit with ISI rentals.

Our rental fleet is ready to help you tackle any project.

Whether you need additional productivity, want to test out a new technology, or simply don’t feel confident buying right now, we have a fleet of machines to keep your shop running smoothly without breaking the bank.

We love to say that if you are on the fence about a new machine, rent it from us and let it sell itself. That’s how confident we are in the machines we carry. In addition to the machines we carry, we can provide comprehensive training and maintenance to them all. With ISI, you will always have a trusted partner ready to be there when you need help.

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It's just not in the budget...

It's too risky to introduce new technology...

I only need it for a one-off project...

I don't want to buy something in this economy...

A Supportive Approach to Welding Innovation

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Drawing2Weld Event

Join us for our annual Drawing2Weld event on June 10-14! Receive private in-person 1:1 demonstrations of our automated welding technology. This registration-only event allows you to see machines with applications in...
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