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Comprehensive Training and Support

At ISI, we stand by our commitment to comprehensive support, servicing everything we sell.

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ISI’s Training Facility

ISI offers comprehensive, hands-on training at our Alvin, Texas facility, blending theory with practical application. Our technicians guide your personnel through the manufacturer’s Operator Training Guidelines Manual, ensuring a thorough understanding of the equipment’s technical specifications.

During the training, your team will gain valuable hands-on experience, performing various cuts, welds, and beveling. The program covers essential aspects such as schedule or weld program development, cutting and welding parameter modification or editing, and troubleshooting techniques to identify and rectify process or system failures.

Onsite Training

Our technicians offer comprehensive onsite services, including machinery calibration, part replacement, repairs, and personnel training. Opting for onsite technical training ensures tailored instruction, providing you with enhanced control over your equipment. Beyond operational use, our training programs extend to equipping your personnel with the skills for basic field maintenance on your machinery.

In situations where local personnel is a requirement on job sites, our technicians will train and supervise workers until the contracting company is confident that standards are met.

If We Sell It; We Service It

Don’t let equipment malfunctions and breakdowns keep you from getting the job done. Whether it’s onsite or at our cutting-edge service center, our skilled technicians specialize in calibration, repair, and preventive maintenance to optimize productivity and minimize downtime.

When your team faces troubleshooting challenges or lacks the tools for repairs, ISI is your go-to for expert industrial machine services. With our cost-effective repair services, you can ensure your machines run seamlessly without breaking the bank, keeping you on track to get the job done efficiently.

  • Orbital Welding Equipment
  • Welding Power Supply Calibration
  • Orbital Facing Tools
  • Pipe and Tube Saws
  • Portable Machining Equipment
  • Pipe and Vessel Profilers
  • Automated Pipe Welding Systems
  • Plasma Tables
  • Band Saws

*Repairs consist of evaluating, repairing, and quality testing*

Workflow and Shop Organization

Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing your work environment, ensuring seamless operations and optimal productivity. With a keen focus on workflow enhancement, we collaborate with you to design tailored solutions that streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and elevate your shop’s overall organization.

We also understand that a well-organized shop is the key to successful welding projects, and our service focuses on optimizing material handling, storage, and strategic layout planning. With a little guidance, you can bring your shops productivity to the next level.

Weld Engineering Services

Weld Engineering Services

Welding Procedure Development:

Crafting a flawless weld starts with a robust procedure. Our welding experts meticulously develop welding procedures that align with industry standards and cater to your specific project requirements. From material compatibility to performance optimization, we ensure each procedure is a blueprint for welding excellence.

Custom Equipment Design and Development:

Elevate your welding setup with our Custom Equipment Design and Development services. We understand that standard solutions may not always fit your unique challenges. Our engineering team specializes in creating bespoke welding equipment tailored to your processes. From conceptualization to fabrication, we turn your ideas into high-performance welding solutions.

Technical Support

Connect with ISI’s service technicians over the phone for prompt industrial support. Efficiently troubleshoot problems and decide whether your team can manage the repair, if the equipment should be shipped for service, or if an onsite visit by a qualified technician is needed.

A Supportive Approach to Welding Innovation

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