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Pipe Welding System

Increasingly, there is a move to modularize pipe fabrication.  There are tremendous advantages to performing as many welds as possible in a 1G or “Roll Out” fashion.  By automating this process, gains are made in arc efficiency and quality while relying less on the skill of the welder.

ISI has helped many of our clients convert as many as 70-85% of their welds to a “roll out” type weld.  We have solutions from Redi2Weld and RotoWeld that can be configured to meet your specific application. We offer this impressive technology in OD ranges from 2”-48” and lengths from 25’-60’.  We are the only source of this solution on a rental basis.  ISI can structure a lease to own or a financed purchase with terms that are flexible.  Contact us with your application and we will listen first, ask questions, and collaborate with you to find the right solution for you.