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The Model 306 tube squaring machine is unsurpassed for consistent, accurate and repeatable results when squaring and cutting mid-size thin-wall tubing. The Model 306 features fully supported OD mounting, an optional electric drive for cleanroom use, graduated feed indicator, maximum tool bit visibility and low-profile design.

The Model 306 features quick-change aluminum Saddle Sets (no tools required for installation) and a .001” (.025mm) graduated feed dial. The precision inside diameter Saddles hold the tubing round to accurately square and face the tubing with minimum to no burr. The machine accepts its own torque through the Saddle Clamping System. The Cutting Head allows installation up to three Tool Bits for squaring, beveling or special preps. A set of transparent chip guards cover the machine’s top window openings and allow for safe and clear line-of-sight vision to the workpiece during use and open access to the Cutting Head to changing Tool Bits. Machine package includes:

  • Model 306 Sub. Assembly
  • Integrated Guard
  • Motor Assembly
  • Wrench Kit
  • Operators Manual

Additional information

Pipe/Tube Size:

1.000" – 6.630" (25.4 mm – 168.3 mm)

Wall Thickness

0.250" (6.4 mm) max

Drive Options

110V Electric
220V Electric


*With optional accessory included

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