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Portable I.D. mount machine tool for beveling, facing and/or counterboring 12” through 36” pipe. The tool is configured with an in line feed knob and hydraulic drive motor at a right angle to the lathe head. Machine package includes:

  • Model 236B Sub-Assembly
  • Tool Holder Assembly
  • Mandrel Assembly
  • Mandrel Head Assembly, 5 Jaw
  • Jaw Block Assembly Sets
  • Lathe Stand Assembly
  • Hydraulic Motor Assembly
  • Wrench Kit.
  • Operator’s Manual

Additional information

Pipe/Tube Size:

11.433" – *60.000" (290.4 mm – *1524.0 mm)

Wall Thickness

**1.312" (33.3 mm) max

Drive Options



*With optional accessory included
**For larger wall thickness, contact Tri Tool Inc. for heavier wall procedures
*** 1 Toolbit when using single point kit

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