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With the Redi 2 Weld series, you get an ease of use. That means you can do more with a lower-skilled welder/operator. Increase your productivity with our average rates of 6″ such 80 CS weld in 10 minutes or arc time. You get Consistent quality with optional data tracking capacity. Our line of R2W’s is flexible to provide differing levels of automation and can be built to work with MIG, FCAW, TIG, and Hot Wire TIG.

  • Dual 3,000 lb headstocks with electronic height adjustment
  • 4×4 Manipulator with 180 Degree Swivel
  • R2W Automation Software/Controller
  • Dual 36” Capacity Gripper
  • Arc Gap Control
  • Oscillator
  • Remote Pendant
  • EWM Automation Power Supply (450 Amp)
  • 20’ Track
  • 4 Pipe Support Trolleys

Drawing2Weld Event

Join us for our annual Drawing2Weld event on June 10-14! Receive private in-person 1:1 demonstrations of our automated welding technology. This registration-only event allows you to see machines with applications in...
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