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A look back on 2022

In business we take stock, we take inventory, we review and we grade.  We grade performance of people, plans and projections.  This process gives us perspective and allows for a more accurate and fair review of the whole in lieu of the view in the heat of the moment.

I was asked to give a synopsis of this year, 2022, for our company; Industrial Solutions & Innovation, LLC (ISI).  I have to say I was not really looking forward to writing this and taking stock.  I was overly focused on the goals for 2022 that were not met and had not really taken time to see what had been accomplished by some really great folks at ISI.

So here goes, 2022 in retrospect:

    • We added substantial capacity in our rental fleet and now rent Redi2Weld pipe spool welding systems in Hot Wire TIG and MIG configurations
    • We increased our engineering staff (specifically our welding engineering staff) and increased our ability to develop welding procedures for our clients.  Glad to have you on the team Samantha!
    • We opened our offices in the DFW area with full sales and rental capacity for orbital welding applications as well as pipe and tube cutting, beveling and facing equipment
    • We added team members to our technical services group to better be able to repair and train on the solutions we provide.  Excited to have you with us Taylor!
    • We added staff in our Accounting and Inside Sales areas to better serve and respond to the needs of our clients.  Very grateful to have you wearing our jersey Nelly and Kent!
    • We added to our sales staff by bringing additional help in our back yard in Houston and Beaumont.  Excited to see the impact you will make Craig!
    • We developed a system for the welding of pressure vessels that allows the user to weld the long seam on cans as well as the circumferential welds – this can be done root to cap, MIG, FCAW, or TIG without having to back gouge or grind or move the cylinder thus dramatically reducing the wasted time of moving heavy cylinders and vessels from welding station to welding station.
    • We were able to increase our capacity to serve clients by increasing our ability to provide “flat” solutions like Press Brakes, Plate Rolls, Band Saws, and Profile Rolls from Revolution Machine Tools (RMT).
    • We were able to increase our service capacity for Watts Mueller and Mueller pipe and vessel profiling systems by offering service and support nationwide and internationally.
    • We increased the size of our orbital rental fleet by adding a substantial amount of AXXAIR and AMI equipment to our fusion welding offerings as well as AXXAIR pipe and tube saws and TRITOOL facing and severing equipment.

All of the above are nice.  They show we are growing in capacity and ability to serve and honor commitments to clients.  But they are not the items I am most proud of in 2022.

In 2022 the ISI team was able to:

Invest in the lives of the Houston and Galveston area by donating over 240 man hours in community outreach activity to 4B Response Network (4BDRN) and Galveston Urban Mission (GUM).  This is valued at over $36,000 in labor for these organizations.  We did this by having 4 days this year when we closed the company and went and worked with these organizations in the communities they serve.

Provide for counseling and chaplaincy services by partnering with Market Place Chaplains to serve our team at ISI as well as former team members when their lives we hit with hardship and tragedy.

Sponsor several children through various missions organizations that serve all over the world.

I am excited to see how that list of business related accomplishments allowed us to do things that have REAL impact.  The great team of folks at ISI do really impressive work and it is an honor to work with them.  But the real fingerprint we want to leave on our market and our world is the ability to take the work we do and positively impact lives.  Lives locally and lives abroad.  To rob from the motto of a great organization, C12, “we want to be a great business with a GREATER purpose”.

Looking forward to the opportunities we will get to steward in 2023.


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