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Diameter ø6 – ø52mm

New range of orbital closed welding heads to meet the most demanding welding requirements in the most confined spaces. Grease-free operation: compatible with clean room standards. Perfect gas protection in the welding head thanks to the closed chamber: welding with very limited coloration. Easy to use: Intuitive interface and parameters adapted to the characteristics of the tubes. Software integrated into the SAXX power sources range. High-quality and repeatable welds in a minimum space!

  • Water cooling of the electrode holder / rotor and the aluminium flanges
  • Two frames opening
  • Thin stainless steel collets and wide aluminium collets
  • Illuminated logo on each side to show whether the power supply on or off and whether the machine is in welding cycle or not
  • Specific electrodes by diameter
  • Motor with encoder: allows starting from any angular position of the electrode
  • High protection against arcing outside the electrode
  • All heads are delivered in a water- and dustproof suitcase and with a suspension assembly
  • 8 metres cable
  • Weight: 8,6 Kg / 19 lb

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