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Model 217 Power Supply

The Model 217 WDR is a 100/150A programmable GTAW power supply. It is designed to work with all AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads and is capable of welding tube and thin wall pipe.

The internal memory of the machine stores up to 1000 different welding schedules for quick access. High-integrity, sanitary welds are easily reproduced at the touch of a button. The welds produced by the Model 217 WDR meet or exceed the specifications required by diverse industries such as semiconductor, food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, renewable energy, and nuclear.

  • WDR (Weld Data Recording): recording and saving of weld data; exporting to a storage device in comma-separated value (.csv) file format; saving project weld data records as a single file.
  • 12” color touch-screen display
  • Computer-controlled internal memory for 1000+ weld schedules and up to 99 levels per schedule
  • Manual or automated weld procedure generation
  • Weld schedules: pulsed, step, no-pulsed, S3 and pulsed S3
  • H.F. arc starting
  • ID and OD gas pressure control and on-screen pressure monitoring
  • Fault detection: gas, coolant
  • Internal printer for a print of schedule setting and quantity of completed welds
  • Digital weld head control to allow connection to weld heads from other manufacturers

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