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Model 15

The Model 15 is a rugged, precision weld head with low radial clearance for GTAW welding of all pipe sizes from 3″ (76 mm) pipe up to an unlimited size, including a flat plate.

It is primarily designed for field use in the nuclear, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and construction industries where exceptional weld quality is strictly required. The Model 15 features rotation, wire feed, automatic voltage control, cross-seam steering, and torch oscillation. It is available in many standard configurations and can be retro-fitted or customized with numerous application-specific accessories to accommodate every need. The Model 15 is just one element of an automated pipe welding system. A torch assembly, precision guide rings, AMI Power Supply, and other options comprise a complete system suitable for high-quality orbital pipe welding.

  • Rugged, compact weld head with water-cooled torches
  • Zero-backlash dual-motor gear drive for consistent travel speeds in all positions
  • Range from 3″ pipe (76 mm) through all standard pipe sizes, such as 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ up to any diameter. Flat track for flat plate welds and the large-radius curved track is available
  • Extremely quick mount/dismount
  • A spring-loaded breakaway mount that prevents accidental breakage of torch parts
  • Cross-seam steering
  • Synchronized torch oscillation, AVC, rotation and wire feed
  • On-board wire feed mechanics, single or dual wire feed system
  • Most torches accommodate a wide variety of gas cups and gas lenses
  • Several different “standard” torch types are available with different dimensions, functions, and features, such as:
    – Electrode-to-wire-nozzle height adjustment
    – Lead/lag adjustment
    – Cross-seam torch tilt (in/out)

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