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572AC Severmaster

572AC SEVERMASTER™ tubes and thin wall pipe. This machine

  • Enhances productivity with the auto-cycle tool module and quick lock collet closure
  • Adjustable depth of feed from .001” to .005” (.02 to .13mm)
  • Automatically returns the tool bit to the home position ready to start the next cut.

The Model 572AC SEVERMASTER™ severs .25” to 2″ (6.4 to 50.8mm) diameter tubes and thin wall pipe. This machine enhances productivity by incorporation of the auto-cycle tool model and quick lock collet closure. A cam cycle tool bit feed mechanism, with adjustable depth of feed from .001” to .005” (.02 to .13mm), automatically returns the tool bit to the home position ready to start the next cut. The feed increment per revolution is adjustable to optimize the cutting speed relative to the material. The tool module also allows setting the start and finish cut positions to minimize the cycle time. A variable speed motor provides further cutting speed control for increased tool bit life and ID burr reduction. The quick lock mechanism actuates the collet with a single lever stroke for simple collet changes.Machine Package Includes:

  • Model 572AC Subassembly
  • Electric Motor Assembly
  • Bench Stand
  • Severing Bit
  • Wrench Kit
  • Operators Manual

Additional information

Pipe/Tube Size:

0.250" – 2.000" (6.4 mm – 50.8 mm)

Wall Thickness

0.125" (3.2 mm)

Drive Options

110V Electric
220V Electric

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