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Plasma Welding

Plasma welding is one of the newest welding procedures. It is a method of tungsten gas shielded arc welding.

It involves a concentrated electric arc with a high energy density. The electric arc is created by a water-cooled copper nozzle through which the electric arc passes. It has an almost cylindrical shape and diverges by just a few degrees. This results in a high energy density. The electric arc burns on the needle-like tungsten electrode in the plasma nozzle. It is cleaned using plasma gas. Indeed, the gas emitted through the small borehole cannot provide long-range protection during welding. Shielding gas is therefore supplied through a second nozzle.

The plasma welding procedure offers ignition reliability and directionally stable electric arcs with low heat input.  It is ideal for thin components and helps create welds with little or minimal distortion.

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