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ISI supports everything we sell with full lines of consumables to keep you running in your operation. We have in house bit making capacity and stock a full complement of tool bits for your pipe beveling needs in multiple angles and complex bevel configurations.

We stock the needed tungsten for your orbital application and the tube/pipe cutting blades for your saw and the facing bits to meet your needs as well.

Orbital Saw Blades

Our AXXAIR blades range from 0.020″ all the way up to 0.590″. We also carry multiple beveling and facing bits.

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Cutting Bits

We offer bits for various types of machines: Aggressive, Tri Tool, PROTEM, EH Wachs, SteelMax precision portable machine tools, pipe beveling, tube squaring, and severing, clamshells in-line cutting.  We are committed to fabricating any machine bit out there.
Our bits are rubber protected and shrink-wrapped for shipping.

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Tungsten Electrodes

ISI stocks multiple sizes of pre-cut and ground electrodes (0.040″, 0.062″, 0.094″, 0.125″). Custom sizes also available upon request.

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Drawing2Weld Event

Join us for our annual Drawing2Weld event on June 10-14! Receive private in-person 1:1 demonstrations of our automated welding technology. This registration-only event allows you to see machines with applications in...
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